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Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Mehndi an art that is very popular among Pakistani women. And it is considered an important symbol for celebration and happiness. Mehndi designs vary as per the different location. So, the Mehndi designs which you see in India and other countries will be very different from what you see in Pakistan.

Pakistani Easy Mehndi Designs for hands and feet are traditionally related to Asian countries (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Malaysia and others). But now these traditionally art have got much popularity in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and even in the Europe countries as well. Mehndi is very useful for every kind of people.

Mehndi is a special importance in Pakistani weddings. Because, Without mehndi on the hands of a bride, the wedding is considered to be incomplete and inauspicious.

A unique place of mehndi design in Pakistani culture in the wedding ceremonies. Most of the many new and distinctive mehndi designs have been introduced in Pakistan for the new year 2019-20.

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